Monday, August 30, 2010

The Poopypants Chronicles: MORE Stuff My &%!: Boyfriend Says

From the "Stuff My $*#@ Boyfriend Says" files...

"You know, if I ever retire - like to the country or something - I would make sure that my house had, like, CIA-level security. I would want to be able to SECURE THE PREMISES. There would be lasers - a perimeter fence - with censors! - everything!!!"

Unsolicited (entirely serious) declaration whilst the movie "Scream" rolled by on the TV. I feel safer already.


"I probably would have had a 'Twinkie Log' if the line-up hadn't been so big - because it's a great idea - it's something I'd make at home if I had the space & ingredients - I could use the Slap Chop for the nuts. And, of course, I'd need sticks. Sticks are what most people are missing if they want to make Twinkie Logs at home - they can't just go out in to the forest and get sticks for their Twinkie Logs."

Random announcement made several hours after an afternoon spent at the CNE, where we (some of us more than others) pondered all the disgusting, deep-fried food available to visitors.


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