Saturday, April 17, 2010

What I've Been Up To....

When not out enjoying the weather, or semi-enjoying sporting events*, the past 2 weeks have been dominated by Dexter. Dexter the TV show and Dexter Morgan, the character. We rented the season 1 DVDs over Easter weekend and now we're in the middle of the second season.

As you can probably surmise from that last stat, we looooove this fucking show.

And I now have a small crush on a soulless, fictional serial killer.

Just another day in the life of Patchoulia!

I've also been going to the gym quite a bit, after work. The gym I go to is at my office, which is obviously the epitome of convenience There are no excuses not to work out - except on those days when you forget your t-shirt at home, on top of the dryer - exercising in a metallic satiny blouse somehow just doesn't do it for me.
 It's a pretty good facility, despite a distinct insufficiency of group fitness classes that appeal to me (Yogalates, anyone? WTF is a yogalate? Is that some kind of new-age coffee beverage?).

The gym has decent equipment in pretty good quantities - even during the "rush" periods, you can usually get on a machine or use the weights you need.

Best of all, it only costs $5 every 2 weeks and it's taken right off my paycheque!

Recently, the fitness centre staff have been sending out regular emails reminding members to lock up their stuff because they've been experiencing a lot of thefts lately. There are signs all over the locker room as well,  reminding us to lock up our belongings or risk losing them.

The other night, I had to take a squirt** before working out, so I hauled all my crap (backpack, jacket, purse) into the bathroom stall with me before heading to the locker room. I did what I had to do, got changed, locked up my stuff (per posted warnings) and proceeded to get sweaty.

Later, after I'd finished working out, I opened my locker and realized that my purse wasn't there. Suddenly, it dawned on me that I'd left it hanging on the coat-hook in the bathroom stall. Then I started hyperventilating - after all, we've been led to believe that the gym at our office is a veritable wonderland for thieves! My purse has EVERYTHING in it - keys, money, my new passport, 4 different awesome lip glosses!!! NOOOOO!!!!

I checked the purse was gone. I quickly gathered my (remaining) belongings and went over to the gym office, hoping against hope that someone might have turned it in. Two employees were inside the office, chit-chatting (get back to work, ya lazy buggers!) with the door open, and, as I approached, I noticed my purse sitting on the floor beside one of the desks. Yay!!!

I was so relieved! Despite making it ridiculously easy for them to rob me, I somehow avoided being hit by the Mount Pleasant Club ring of thieves. Woohoo! My possessions were intact inside my purse.

Thank you, to whoever saved my purse for me. Your karma was just kicked up a huge notch.

*The Jays are doing well, started on the road...not doing as great at home, but doing OK. The Raptors ended their season this week and we had a good time, watching them win their last regular season game, but not making it into the playoffs...again..

**Dexter's sister is a bit of a potty-mouth...not as charming about it as I am, but a pretty good cusser nonetheless. Anyway. One of the episodes had a female character indicating her need to expel some urine by saying, "I need to take a squirt" and I thought it was such a charming & sophisticated phrase that I simply needed to use it as soon and as often as possible. You're welcome.

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